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Some buildings have been the focus of devotional gatherings for millennia. The air is imbued with countless hours of meditation and prayer.

This concert recognises these places are impregnated with the presence of eternity and is celebrated through voice, organ and sound – featuring the music of Marcus Davidson.

Throughout a long collaboration, Marcus Davidson and Charles Matthews have been producing pieces that expand the soundscape of the organ, using backing tapes, samples (which often use recordings from nature and space sounds), and mixed voice. It produces a unique cornucopia of organ based sound which is often described as mesmerising and powerful. Together with specially picked straight organ works performed by Charles Matthews, they produce a concert with a unique sound, especially designed to live in Sacred Spaces.

Format – Sacred Space concerts can be individually tailored to the concert space and instruments. A selection of the music can be heard on the listen page. We use a selection of wonderful singers, even local if preferred. Sacred Space also has a programme with choral ensemble.


“The richness of the sounds at play here was as mesmerising as the evolution of the performance was powerfully compulsive.”

Tim Owen Dalston sound – June 2012



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